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16 October 2018

Mówią o nas

Daniel Blin

Oscar Kubicki

Bartosz Bogielczyk

Joanna Cymbor

Julia Rott

Polish and European Champion in the SSP300 class. Not only devilishly fast, but also an effective teacher of sports motorcycle riding
Polish Pit-Bike Champion, driving science and technique instructor. His vocation in life is teaching motorbike racing
If you don't know what to do, add gas! He has combined passion with professional life to create something valuable for you on the market
An unusual woman who will bake a cake, replace the bulb, and then overtake you on the inside. Co-author of the Track Academy project
A head full of information about what a motorcyclist should have in his wardrobe. He successfully runs one of Wrocław's moto stores

Tomasz Jagielski

Hungry ... apparently victories. In the Polish Cup, he always stood on the podium, repeating: "who brakes, loses"

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  • Full medical care

  • Professional photos from riding and paddock

  • Division into groups according to skills

  • Theoretical training in the basics of sports riding

  • Up to 8 sessions during the day

  • Access to tools and manometer

  • Delicious snacks as well as cool and hot drinks

  • Free position and line advice

  • Possibility to ride with titled competitors

  • Organization at the highest, European level

Why with us?

Our team

The fastests



If you've already tried sports riding a motorcycle and want to improve your skills in controlled conditions, you've come to the right place. Train under the supervision of professional crew, paramedics and experienced racers.

If you have never been on the race track and you would like to try, you have come to the right place. We will lecture you in the simple form the basics of track riding. At a very low price, you will get acquainted with beautiful motorcycle sport.

If you go below 1:45 on Poznan Race track, you want to train with equals and have full medical protection, you've come to the right place. During the break, we will feed you with valuable snacks and drink coffee. Just ride, we'll take care of the rest.

Motorcycle Track Days

Motorcycle trainings on race tracks in Poland
















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Why you should go with

We are the professional track day's organizer, in a slightly different edition than the ones you know so far. When you decide to go on a track day with us, you are guaranteed a lot of fun in a relaxed and friendly group of motorcyclists like you. We want to show that fun on the track is within everyone's reach and does not have to be associated with spending millions of coins. On each of our trips, you will receive medical protection and basic instructor care. Meet us on one track day, and we guarantee that you will go with us everywere :)

Tor Poznań - from 105 EUR*
ul. Wyścigowa 3 62-081 Przeźmierowo

Additional options
Time measurement for free
Basic instructor care for group D for free

Showing the right ride line for group D for free
A night's lodging for free
Dining is available at the bar on the premises
Access to the general photo gallery - about 400 pcs. free

*The price is valid up to 15 days before the event, then 125 EUR

WallraV Race Center - from 57 EUR*
ul. Zatorze 1 3 65-002 Stary Kisielin

Opcje dodatkowe
A night's lodging 8 EUR PER NIGHT
Time measurement 8 EUR
Delicious grill included in the price

Free lecture on the basics of sports riding
Cold and hot drinks for free
Delicious hand-made cookies in the price
Access to the general photo gallery - about 250 pcs. free

*Price for distant terms. The regular price is 70 EUR. Price: 75 EUR less than 7 days before the event.

Tor Łódź - od 209 zł*
Kiełminia 78 95-010 Kiełminia

Opcje dodatkowe
Pomiar czasu 40 zł

Zimne i gorące napoje w cenie
Wykład z podstaw sportowej jazdy gratis
Oprowadzenie po nitce toru dla chętnych gratis
Pełnowartościowe przekąski w cenie

Dostęp do ogólnej galerii zdjęć- około 300 szt.

Jest to cena promocyjna i obowiązuje do 30-stu dni przed wydarzeniem.

Tor Krzywa - 229 zł
Osła 1JA 78 59-706 Osła

Opcje dodatkowe
Pomiar czasu 30 zł
Zimne i gorące napoje w cenie
Wykład z podstaw sportowej jazdy gratis
Oprowadzenie po nitce toru dla chętnych gratis
Pełnowartościowe przekąski w cenie

Dostęp do ogólnej galerii zdjęć- około 250 szt.





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