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This is something so that morning coffee will not be associated only with going to work, and a break in the journey will be a return to wonderful moments with friends spent on the racetrack

Why is it worth having it in your cupboard?

  • Thanks to the double walls made of stainless steel, the drink maintains its temperature for a very long time

  • He's like a real guy - seemingly cold and hot inside

  • It doesn't matter if you fall off a mountain peak or get hit by it from your wife, it won't break himself

  • It has a two-sided engraving

  • The capacity is 280 ml

Did you know that we throw away around 150 disposable cups after each event? The cups will be available at the catering stand.
Let's not use disposable cups and the planet will be grateful to us However, you can order it with home delivery now.


Give yourself or a loved one an amazing souvenir and teaching material

Have you ever wondered what you look like while driving? Are you getting to the top of the bend correctly? Is the suspension the correct hardness? Do you have the correct position in the different sections of the track?

Book an individual photo and recording session!

  • Single recording session (10-15 minutes of recording)
    35 EUR - track Łódź, track WallraV Race Center, track Krzywa
    45 EUR - Poznań track

  • Two recording sessions (20-30 minutes of recording)
    65 EUR - track Łódź, track WallraV Race Center, track Krzywa
    85 EUR - track Poznań

  • A package of additional 10-20 photos - 35 EUR

The video you receive will be in FullHD 60 fps quality with HyperSmooth stabilization. Optionally, you can order a movie with a quality of up to 4k 60 fps or 2.7k 120 fps. The price of the service will not change. We record using modern GoPro cameras.

A package of 10-20 photos that you will receive will be in the quality of up to 300 DPI! This means that the photo will be sharp and clear even in the format of 1 meter by 1.5 meters.


If you want to order an additional package of photos or recording sessions, let us know about it in the registration form for the selected event, we will coordinate the rest.

If you want to give someone such a gift, just buy the voucher.

The value of the voucher is a multiple of 10 EUR. By purchasing a voucher you accept the regulations. The voucher entitles you to take advantage of a Track day trip and group training.

In the "additional information about the order" field, enter the details of the person who will be entitled to use the voucher.

You will receive the voucher at the e-mail address provided after the payment is credited. Do you have additional questions? Contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Do you want to find out who trains with us? Meet our staff.

Give a loved one a great day on the racetrack with professionals


Photo or recording session

Track cup

Make a gift to a loved one or stock up on what's necessary

We enjoy your shopping :)

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