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Needless to say, knowing the safety rules on the track is important. All track riders need to know the following rules.

The basics of safety on the racetrack 

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Failure to comply with the above safety rules may result in exclusion from further participation in the event.

Flags are the only effective means of communication between the track attendant and the racer. Knowing them is essential.

Basic flags:

  • checkerboardflag - you have one more lap left

  • green - you can enter the track/obstacle free track/cancel yellow flag

  • yellow- danger on the track or the nearest section. Ride carefully

  • red - training interrupted! Finish the lap with extreme caution and go to the depot

Knowledge of the basic flags is nessesary on smaller racetracks (Stary Kisielin, Tor Łódź, Kartodrom Radom itp.).

Additional flags

  • blue - be aware the faster rider want to overtake you

  • black- you did smoething wrong. Finish the lap and ride to the depot. In the race, the black flag means that the competitor is disqalified

  • in yellow and red stripes - attention, possible change in road adhesion (water, oil, sand, etc.)

  • white with a diagonal cross - the first raindrops in the closest section on the track

Knowledge of the additional flags is nessesary on big racetracks (Tor Poznan, Silesia Ring, Brno itp.).


  1. Always follow the commands of staff.

  2. If You want end the ride session ahead of schedule, raise your hand high. 

  3. Always ride in the destination direction.

  4. Never stop on a racetrack or outside of a bend. If you are concerned about something or you witness an accident, report it to the service in the depot and do not stop on the track.

  5. Do not brake hard in the middle of the starting straight.

  6. Be carfeful during overtaking, the overtaker must watch out of the overtaken.

  7. If behind you is a much faster rider, make overtaking esier for him. Remamber, do not change your ride line too.

  8. Be especially careful during the first ride session. The issue of shares happens directly.

  9. Respect other participants of the rides.

  10. Never enter the track by foot and the space next to the track thread.

Safety rules

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